Collision Tech Auto Body


minor improvements

Maybe you have that small parking lot ding on your door that constantly stands out, or a curb scratch on your wheel because you got a little too close to that curb. Even if you have small scuffs or scratches from someone carelessly brushing against your cars finish, we are able to help you out. Just stop by and let us see what we can do for you.

insurance work

We work with all insurance carriers, and they all work with us. It is a common misunderstanding that you as a consumer are required to get your car repaired where your insurer mandates. This is false! New Jersey laws protect your right to choose the repair facility, and ALL carriers are equipped to work with the shop of your choice to handle your claim. Our experienced team members can help you understand the ins and outs of everything to do with the process of an insurance claim.

collision repairs

Whether you are involved in a major collision, or just a small fender bender, we are fully equipped to handle your repairs from start to finish. Even if there are mechanical damages, we can handle it